Procedure & Art Group

April 7, 2019


This woman who has short, wavy, brown hair and bangs is getting a procedure done. I am not for sure if it’s a medical procedure or her hair/skin care. I see two receipts, one for $3xx, $2xx, not sure, don’t see a signature so it may be under a certain amount, like $25 bucks. Anyway, two Kats are performing the procedure. When she leaves, I see her passing through a hallway and to the right someone sitting at the desk.

April 18, 2019

Art Group

I see my youngest brother and my deceased mother on a stage with a small audience. They both look happy, much younger and my Mom is healthy.  I am there sitting at a table, but they don’t see me.  Afterwords, I am walking outside and talking to someone, don’t remember discussion, other people are around, like social event.

Later, I am sitting at a table with a group of overweight women, who all are working on a knitting & crocheting project. Then I see an enlarged picture of my deceased brother, the one who died of AIDS in 2006. The photo may be from a cousin of mine, his birthday is right around the corner and he would have been 60 years old this month. I leave through the back door.

Then, I am at a couple of women’s’ place and accidentally spill a TV chicken dinner onto their carpet. They seemed to be helping me order a t-shirt with several, different cities on it, none of the cities recognize.

The dream ends with me being in an underground train/subway system.  I recall seeing a train pass me and then I pass the cross walk.

These dreams are so boring.



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