Friends Place & Sight Seeing Tour

April 11, 2019

Friends Place

This young woman, maybe the same woman from entry , “Homeless Woman,”  She is staying at a guy friends house with a lot of his friends, in and out of the place. One of his female friends asks people there, “Do you want steak?” The woman is tired and keeps falling asleep… I guess she gave him some cash to stay.  Later, when she is at a small park and she sees homeless guys sleeping on park benches during day.

April 12, 2019

Sight Seeing Tour

I was at  a hospital getting a medical procedure or some test done.  It was an open room  with other beds.  A woman appeared in front of me, who may have worked there or was a patient, she looked mentally unstable, and I remember her holding a .38 gun in her right hand which shocked me.

I remember a dream of a hospital a long time ago.  There were  nurses that had black eyes, who were rude and kept on intentionally bumping into me. I thought I was in hell, I awoke with scratches on my back shoulder in real life.

Back to the dream.   Then I was travelling on possible a sight-seeing tour bus.  I was waiting inside with a couple of other guys, African-American woman, as well as an older security guard. When we finally got onto the bus, I was sitting upfront and was somewhat squished in a front seat and recall holding onto my laptop.  We visited someplace with beautiful scenery that was similar to  Yosemite National Park with green hills, mountains and flowers.  A guy was behind me, as we returned to the bus  and  I saw a store, HUB or something near the parking lot.

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