A Note & Gathering

April 24, 2019

A Note

A woman has a guys mail key and was afraid to tell him that she went into his place when he was gone, without his knowledge. She just wanted some attention from him. Anyway, now they are at his apartment and I see a brown or black couch up against the wall. This is strange, I see a piece a paper with possible my first name, in a cursive handwriting note. I cannot see the content but believe it to be a man’s handwriting.

I took a nap and could sense something SPEEDING UP

April 25, 2019


I am with my high school friend and we are setting up sleeping bags and a cot in the basement of her house.  Later, we gather with some friends and soak in a jacuzzi at someone’s house.  We tend an event and see carts with pastry on it, one item is $11, and the other, thought was cheaper, was a brownie, which was even higher, but paid for it, tried to split cost.

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