Strange Coincidences

May 16, 2019


I haven’t really had dreams in the last couple of weeks, or I awake not remembering. I have been having some insomnia issues, plus travelling so my sleeping patterns have been off and I rarely dream while traveling, or if I do, it’s a short dream or not many. Anyway, there have been some strange coincidences that have occurred in the real world as I was travelling that have been somewhat related to my dreams.

First of all, there were two people on a bus that seem to be discussing there personal life with people either on the bus or on the phone.  Neither one look like anyone in my dream, but there stories.

A woman, who either is returning to Arizona or lives there states that she filed a police report because she was being harassed and that the mechanic stole her car, which I found it to be odd myself. She also stated that someone had a job for her in Arizona, Phoenix or Peoria-not sure. She was talking about different parts of Arizona as well.  I thought to myself, how does a mechanic steal someones car, so maybe there was an agreed amount for a  service and something went wrong with the deal. IDK. Also, I do have a past dreams that was about a mechanics…


April 25, 2017

A woman is helping children that are close to a filthy room in the basement or possible a mechanics store. Two women do not want to get blame for two people who get lost in hallway and wants the manager to take responsibility. A woman walks into a break room with several guys sitting at a lunch tables and rows of chairs. Also, I see bunk beds  with a woman sitting on top bunk and a man on the bottom bunk. It reminds me of the shaft for an elevator in the movie, “The City of Lost Children,” the character, little brother, who is always eating. Big brother finds him in an elevator shaft with a plate full of food.

November 6, 2018


My friend beginning with the letter S and I were walking in this dream. I can feel him walking and can see the downtown area. Don’t recognize area, however it looks familiar from a dream, a long time ago. We stop at a mechanics and a guy is working on his car. I was upset about something, I didn’t want a cup, but a Mountain Dew. We would have to take one bus back to original destination.  Also, my youngest brother and deceased Mom are somewhere in the dream.

Also, an older guy was discussing foreign travel plans, lucky bastard. He is taking a trip beginning in August for about 6 weeks to Paris and all these other destination and even a cruise. He was suppose to meet someone beginning with the letter P before he left. Getting the hell out of dodge before all hell breaks lose!

Then while on train…symbolism.

A woman sat next to me on the train on the 9th. She lived south of a large city beginning with the letter A, a city that never heard of. She asked me to come with her somewhere… then later everyone on the train was offered a FREE meal around Mother’s day.  I think they did that because the train had several delays or they just wanted to be nice and offer a meal around Mother’s day.

Last year or so been told in dreams to go in a downward direction…and the woman resembled a woman in previous dream, not Mexican, but short and dark hair.



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