Victim OR Survivor & Made of Steel (Steal)

May 7, 2019

Victim Or Survivor

There is this house and a double bed in a room. This woman with long, wavy, brown hair is in the bathroom talking to another girl who lives there. She is holding onto a shower handle. I remember talking to someone about my brothers, like I have four brothers, well actually three, one is deceased, they picked on me, either you are a victim or a survivor.

Oddly enough well I was travelling, I ended up staying at a house that had a shower handle like that and their were two women who resembled women in dreams.

May 17, 2019

Made of Steel (Steal)

I sense this energy that have sensed once before in dreams. A man made of steel, very strong energy.  This woman has been studying security questions for her job and she has a packet of scenarios.  She was suppose to meet a guy at her job and he really didn’t follow through with the meeting.

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