Calling Out & The Path

May 25, 2019

Calling Out

A woman with brown, wavy-hair is walking around the hallways of possible a school, college. She is wearing a pleaded skirt and professional shoes, not high heel shoes.  A couple of guys sitting down in classroom were heckling her a little bit, asking her if she has heard of the b-sides,  she mentions a band that has similar name.

She steps into the schools office to talk to a couple of women.  She turns on her cheap mobile phone and goes through her wallet, see several credit cards. I also see a package with my first and last name in dream.

Later, I am walking through the halls and am calling out my cousin’s name beginning with the letter D. I do not know why I appear in the hallways and am calling out my cousins name.

I took a nap…

The Path

I was with my Mom and uncle (both are deceased) and some other people. Then I am walking on a path and a couple of Caucasian women are walking ahead of me.  Then all of a sudden we were on this hill and the hill lifted us up briefly into the sky and brought us back down, like a wave or like being on a magic carpet ride.  So when we returned to the ground, I was confused on where I was, the woman were no longer there and was alone again.

I continued walking on path and a young couple were ahead of me . They started walking through a dark tunnel and I remember trying to adjust my camera to a different scene so that could take pictures, which I do not know why I would take pictures in a dark tunnel.

Before I entered a tavern, I recall questioning if a fire hydrant was suppose to be close by like had been to area before, but in real life have not. The female bar tender mentioned a couple of cities, which I forgot names, one maybe Chelsea. They all sounded like Eastern city names.  I remember thinking that my Mom may have been mad at me for getting lost and was going to give my uncle gas money to get home.

Also, somewhere in the dream, there were these old people, possible of Christian denomination, who were riding on this low rider vehicle, like a low rider motorcycle, but a car. Anyway, The top half of the car lifted up like a lid of a car and I was wearing an old man’s, brown shoes and thought to myself at least I have my shoes.

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