Wintertime, Semi-Nightmare, Stores

May 29, 2019


Now this is odd for me to have dreams of snow during the summer, but I did. I seem to be getting off the bus and look behind me to see my friend beginning with the letter M.  Then I am sitting in a possible a seat on a plane. A business man left these small, Christmas note pads on the seat.

May 31, 2019


While I was asleep,  I heard someone, a man wearing professional shoes, walking on my linoleum floor in my living room. I then woke up with my heart racing, a little bit, happens sometimes when having nightmares.

I have had several dreams throughout the years of someone coming and talking to me while I am asleep or just standing in my room. Sometimes, in a couple of days later, there may be pest spraying or some kind of maintenance repair where someone has to enter my apartment.  I also suffer from PTSD, which has gotten better throughout the years.

I remember one time, I went to a psychic many years ago, before I started blogging.   She told me that I would be raped, which I never take what a psychic says to heart because one never knows the source of the information. Prior to travelling to a different state, I had a nightmare dream of someone giggling my apartment doorknob trying to get in, then when I was staying at a youth hostel, the dream of the doorknob came true, however it was merely a fellow hosteller trying to get into the room late at night.

June 1, 2019


This woman is walking around an area with several restaurants. Later, I see a Mexican man with a huge bottle of beer. I do not know if this woman knows this guy or not, I remember thinking in the dream that is a HUGE bottle of beer.

Fell back asleep…

I am with my aunt and someone’s house, I see cords like for a camera for some reason in this dream. She wants me to go with her to my brothers house, I guess to visit for a couple of days. He doesn’t really have any means of public transportation, but agree to it. I guess he has a store in his basement which he isn’t suppose to have and a boy is around in the store. (this store, nor is the boy true in real life, so maybe this about someone else)

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