Fireman, Religious Icons, Leaning Backwards

June 5, 2019


There was this rectangular shaped box hanging on the wall that contain a fire hose. It almost looked like the rings of inside a tree trunk. Anyway, a fireman pulls the hose and later I see a couple of burners on a stove that are turned on and are the color red.  Also, I am sensing two different locations in dream, possible New York or somewhere else. No water or desert.

June 6, 2019

Religious Icons

A bunch of ethnic guys, one resembling an old friend of mine beginning with the letter S  are walking to possible a museum.   The museum has a row of white marble statues of religious icons. The museum is located near turquoise like water. The 2nd video is what saw in dream.

June 7, 2019

Leaning Backwards

I was with my high school friend beginning with the letter J, I was waiting for her while she went off to do something…

fell back asleep…

There is an area that reminds me of the Mall of America, but not sure if that is location in dream. I see symbols of both train and public bus systems on the walls.  I remember a stairwell that is there before going to actual mall.

Then this is odd and believe this is symbolic, there were two people, one older, blue collar looking guy and a young, blond woman, who both, at different times LEAN BACKWARDS in the dream, so that they are in mid air.  I do not know how this happen, but it seemed to occur after I asked each person a question. I asked the guy which bus to catch and the woman, well I was helping her with something, but also asked her a question, but forgot in dream.

Also, while I was asleep, I left the radio on and it was turned to a news station NPR  and so maybe I heard something, well whatever it was, it didn’t make sense in dream.

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