The Stack, Here Kitty, Kitty & House Party

June 24, 2019

The Stack

Now this is an odd dream, a young blond woman with a ponytail is walking around with a thick stack of papers in her arms. She was going to possible sell or give the stack to some guy at the counter, but have changed her mind..

On 25th awoke to a woman moaning, have woken up to this experience before.

June 26, 2019

Here Kitty, Kitty

A couple of guys are at this woman’s place and there is what looks like saw dust on the brown wooden floors.  Also, it looks like her mixed black and white colored kitten is all wet for some reason. He is outside so he must have fell into some water.

On my bucket list, I have to adopt a dog. It’s hard to find small dogs to adopt and I stumbled upon a beautiful kitten with mixed black and white hair.

June 28, 2019

House Party

There is a outside party with beverages/wine being served.  Most of the people seemed to be mingling at a nice house in a middle class neighborhood.

Then this young girl is at her job is talking to an older woman and an African American guy .  The woman adds more responsibilities to her job, like returning items to the shelves.  In the dream I am thinking of my job that I had many years ago, one duty being returning items to it shelves.  Then the same young woman says something that I have said in real life. She mentioned how she would return to a certain state in the pacific northwest in a heartbeat. She then names the cities that she once lived. I also hear in dream, “Can’t you tell that you have cancer?”

It is rare for me to be conscious  that I am dreaming while in the middle of a dream.  I do love the Pacific Northwest and do consider that area to be more of my home, than my actual childhood home.  As far as the cancer, well my doctor is sending me to Gynocologist  so that may be fear leaking into my dream since both my mother and grandmother had cancer in their lifetime.   Although, neither one of them died of cancer. 

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