The Hostel

July 17, 2019

I remember walking through possible a mall and seeing lockers to the left of me. Lockers that one might see at a bus or train station, but this reminds me of an airport. Then there is a hostel and several young women are sharing a large room with bunk beds crammed close together.  One woman is holding a white towel as she waits outside the bathroom door to take a shower.  The shower is kinda odd looking, I see soap or something white, shaped like crystals coming out of the wall in the shower, the woman is grossed out by it.  One of the woman is sitting on the lower bunk surfing the internet and looking up hotels, she sees a hotel for $44 and something about Indiana, like who would want to go  there.  After she is done using the laptop, she hides it under her friends dark jackets that are on the floor in the room.  Something strange,  when the young woman opens her laptop it turns into a record player. She is upset about it and later is shopping with another woman. A Mexican man is at the counter to check people in and out..



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