Resembles Alicia Vikander, Basketball & Travelling Women

July 26, 2019

Resembles Alicia Vikander

I had a dream  of a woman, who physically reminded me of my former therapist from many years ago. She seemed to be standing at the counter where clients would check in for their appointment.  Then oddly again, I had a dream of one of my nieces beginning with the letter  C.   She looks younger and alone, cannot remember much more of dream. Besides my niece looking a lot like my brother, I have never really seen anyone else that looks like her in my lifetime. The only person that even comes close to looking like my niece would be Alicia Vikander.

On June 27th,, I found out my niece went on a trip to Cali with her husband, also a childhood friend of mine is also moving this month and my guess it is  California

July 26, 2019


Well this is a first,  A DREAM ABOUT BASKETBALL.  Behind a fairly large school is  a lawn and some basketball courts.  I think it maybe on the weekend because I really don’t see many people around the school.  Then a young man is walking towards the basketball courts and sits down on a picnic bench to watch an ethnic young man in his early twenties teaching a little girl with long, wavy hair, dirty blond hair to play basketball. It might possible be one of his friends.  I can see his point of view as he is walking to the basketball court.  An overweight woman with frizzy, bushy hair is doing her job and dumping the garage can. At the bottom of the garbage can is a plastic credit card without a name or numbers, like a credit card offer and there also a fake money bill.

Also, and this has nothing to do with the basketball game, but  there are four 5 by 7 pictures  with cardboard backings, of young women in there early twenties, it reminds me of photos that one would see on a television news channel.

June 27, 2019

Travelling Together

Several ladies are travelling together and are staying at a hotel room .   There seems to be two older woman and a younger woman.  One of the women seems to be more of an acquaintance , than a friend.   Then a different woman wanted to use another woman’s white card to enter into the hotel room.  She asked her how come she didn’t have a card herself.  I guess she was trying to stay there without paying. Then I see one of the hotel employees give one of the woman brochures and possible coupons to stay at the hotel  even longer..  They seemed to be thanking the woman, which surprised her.  The hotel has several different kind of pools, a medium sized pool that I see children playing and a  fairly good sized jacuzzi with mainly men. Most of the people are ethnic looking, Mexican or Spanish.  The same woman goes into the jacuzzi by herself.  

Oh, I almost forgot,  prior the the dream, “Travelling Together, ” I awoke feeling startled because I saw a guy with short blond hair standing in front of me.  I didn’t recognize this guy in the dream.   In real life no one was there and fell back asleep. 

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