Diane, Pennies & Modes of Transportation

August 3, 2019


All I remember is two women talking on the phone, one of them may have been me, not sure. The name Diane  was mentioned twice. Then when I  looked on the yahoo home page Trending now  was a Diane *******.

UPDATE:  I received a piece of mail in the mail from a Diana, close enough, anyway, it was mailed on August 17, 2019, was to update information.

August 4, 2019


I have been sleeping on and off today.  I woke up  earlier this morning with not much sleep, but wanted to get some coffee., so I went to a store close by and picked some Peruvian coffee, then I fell back asleep and awoke thinking, ” I got to get the hell out of here, and another time, worried about my finances.  I tend to think these things when I get bored or fed up.

Anyway, here are the dreams, I tried to remember them, but had a hard time.  I remember this boy with short blond hair and blond eyes being outside. It kinda reminds me of this boy who comes to visit his grandmother in the building.

Fell back asleep… I forgot most of it… then a woman is at a thrift store that seems to have a basement. She is looking at purses and finds pennies in one of them, like someone stored them in purse and forgot about it. I also see a small vest, 80’s jacket for a kid and a table for brochures.

August 7, 2019

Modes of Transportation

Two cities come to mind, CRapids & Coos Bay.  I was at some guys house and went back to stay at my friends place, beginning with the letter A.  For some reason his girlfriend wasn’t living with him anymore, or not there at the time.   There seem to be two different modes of transportation that I was taking, possible at two different areas in the United States. One form of transportation was an express bus that I would have to take to Coon Rapids. I would have to first take a bus to MSP and then transfer, there was not a direct express bus going to Coon Rapids. I remember the female bus driver letting me off the bus and then waiting for another bus.

Then the scenery changed and  I was at a subway station with other people around waiting, most of them were African-American.  The subway vehicle reminded me of a roller coaster ride because the door opened on the side.  I was standing at a counter with an African-American man dressed up in formal attire. There was a form in front of me that I could not see because I was blind.  Another woman was helping me and I had no choice but to write out a check for $50 for someone named Shelley, I did not know how to spell her name.  I guess I had to write the check prior to entering the subway. The subway would usually cost a couple of bucks to ride, but I guess this subway included a formal dinner.

The express bus area looked familiar, however the subway area did not at all.

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