White Trash, The Witness & Verbally Attacking

August 12, 2019

White Trash

This young woman was at this couples place, the female woman was her friend. The couple had a  toddler, a boy with blond hair.  She seemed to be upset with the woman  because she didn’t even get a THANK YOU for watching her toddler and then she told them, “Hey, I paid my rent”.

Took A Long Nap…

There were these two young woman living at two different areas with a bunch of their young children.  One of them had an idea for them to change A DATE to an earlier date for some reason.  I guess they were both on the lookout of a dog being released into their bedroom or someone else attacking them.  I remember seeing two dogs outside on a sidewalk. Also, there seems to be a guy with short-brown hair around them, possible a friend.

In real life, I have been wanting to adopt a dog so this maybe why had dream about dogs. The local shelter has just a handful of dogs and once in awhile they will have a smaller dog.  My friend has a Yorkie service dog, who is a complete joy for him, thought I would do well with a Maltese.  I kinda prefer a small dog because I usually live in an apartment.  

August 13, 2019

The Witness

Now this is strange, in real life, an African-American guy was mumbling something to me earlier this week, I couldn’t understand him, well he appeared in my dreams.  Sometimes, it the other way around, I have a dream and THEN the person shows up in real life. 

In this dream, I was walking around during the day in my PJ’s.  I didn’t seem to care that I was doing this, nor did I recognize the area. Some years ago, I did have another dream of me walking around an apartment complex in my PINK PJ’s, but I was younger. Then I witnessed something kinda strange, I was somewhere, and was looking into another room with a window. There was a slightly older man and woman in the room, but in a dark, corner closet someone had a large flashlight that was moving around in the closet. The couple seemed to be unaware of this happening, like it was happening in a different dimension, “The Twilight Zone,” Later, these same people came to me because they were concerned about what happened in the closet. But I assured them that it wasn’t about them and they left.  Then this African-American guy was standing outside my door which had an upper window. He looked angry and mean and he started messing with my door.  Somehow he got inside the room with me and  standing next to me. I didn’t feel threatened anymore, but felt like I should write in my Gournal what I witnessed about the closet, but when I started to write, it was giberish.

August 14, 2019

Verbally Attacking

Two dreams, one young woman seems to be verbally attacking everyone around her in a small town. She isn’t physically attacking anyone and then later she is partying with some friends and having a really good time.

Fell back asleep… then this woman, it maybe the same woman from previous dream. Two women are sitting across from each other and I see a form already filled out, It doesn’t look like a lease. I can see my brothers name somewhere on the form, typed in. Later, I see one of the woman at her place which is possible a timeshare or studio apartment.

In real life, my brother is in the process of selling his house so maybe this woman is a potential buyer.

Caught them red-handed


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