Stillborn, Foreign Woman & The Pet Sitter

August 19, 2019


I don’t remember much of this dream…I think there were some stillborn kittens. I have been watching the website Hope for Paws so maybe that is why had dream of kittens.

August 20, 2019

Foreign Woman

A woman is catching a bus early in the morning and she is standing at a bus shelter.  There are two early buses, the I first one starting at 5:38 AM. Then she is looking at liquid lemonade that she made in a pitcher. She notices that some dirt is floating in it, then when she looks again and it looks like someone threw a unused rubber in there,  then another time it looks like wig shaped hair from a very small doll.  (I have been taking several medical test so maybe it’s some specimen that was tested)

Then the woman, or even me is in a room with an older, foreign woman, possible the woman’s Mom, not sure. Anyway, the woman was talking and the foreign woman wasn’t in a talkative mood at all, and later had some craft group or some other group she attended. I see several other foreign, husky woman sitting around a table, in a circle.

Also, the woman is in contact with her youngest brother and it seems she just returned from a trip. This is kinda like the women looked like, but older, possible middle-aged.

Also, after talking to a man on the phone regarding transportation to a medical appointment, after the conversation, I heard the word, “lie”.  Then I remember a vision of a woman with Palmolive dish soap hands was swearing under oath. I could only see the woman’s hands and not her face.

August 21, 2019

The Pet Sitter

A woman is at an airport, I can see her passing a couple as she is leaving.  On the way home, she needs to pick up a lot of items at a small,  pet store, including litter for a cat.  When she gets to her place, my aunt and cousin are there and an emergency occurred, I think a man from the fire department is there.  She mentions she just got back from a trip and she has a dog and a cat. Then she goes over to one of her neighbors, who were watching her pets, and she sees her orange tabby cat outside running towards her.

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