Babbel, Lady Bugs & Former Friends

August 23, 2019


I awoke to hearing two African women arguing, don’t remember what they were arguing about.  I just remember dreaming or waking up to hearing people outside my building (which can get kinda loud an any given night) When I was trying to get back asleep, I remember an African-American man kinda talking to me in my ear,  I couldn’t understand what he was saying to me. Maybe it was the same guy from earlier this month.  Anyway, I moved away from the wall and told him to shut up (so I could get back asleep) 

Anyway, I had a dream about one of my male childhood friends, we have moved around when we were younger, but now it seems we are suppose to settle down.

August 26, 2019

Lady Bugs

Again, something was bothering me again last night, but didn’t last long and fell asleep. In the beginning of this dream,  a woman is walking to the next town by herself. The area reminds me of the Miley Cyrus video, just a road and green pasture, but no hills.

So, when she gets to the next town, she stops at a gas station or a convenience store and asks the women the name of the town, they tell her Norwich, which when I looked it up, is in England and Vermont.  She went in the wrong direction. A couple of women working there offer her a volunteer opportunity to design something.  One of the women has a tablet and there are three cursor lady bugs, of various colors. These lady  bugs start to magically design the page by itself.  They want to know if she plans to finish the project. She also is suppose to see an older man, possible a doctor, who is willing to help her.

Then she is walking back home, she seems to start off with a man and his two daughters, but they seem to have gone on a different path together which concerns the woman because she wants to make sure they all get home to his wife. Anyway, this time, she is walking off the path, but knows where road is located, plus she is surrounded by trees.

Also, and this has nothing to do with the dream, but there is a room full of rambunctious men sitting on couches.  It may be a community room in a building or a shelter, but am thinking a building because there is an incident with a neighbor where law enforcement has shown up.

August 28, 2019

Former Friends

I don’t remember my dreams, but when I awoke I was thinking about my friend beginning with the letter J  and possible his Native American girlfriend. I also was thinking about an old neighbor friend of mine from about 20 years ago. I tried to visit her many years ago, but she wasn’t feeling well and then I found out recently that she is deceased. Some of my family members, myself and this friend and grand daughter took a trip to Mount Rainier, many years ago.

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