Ben Hur, Undercover & Bikes

September 12, 2019


Well I had a full hysterectomy and it turned out that the ovarian cyst was a tumor after all. Then at the same time, my 80 year old aunt is dealing with breast cancer.  So, as I’m healing, i am providing plenty of activities for myself.  I resigned up for Ancestry and that is pretty time consuming. I have a couple movies to watch to complete the AFI top 100 movies.  It was kinda strange, but the part of the movie where the character Judah Ben-Hur asks for God’s help after that asshole wouldn’t let him drink any water, then Jesus is there and gives him some water. It’s a little odd because Jesus doesn’t even talk in this movie, and in this particular scene, his back is to the camera and cannot see his face.

So, then last night,  was awaken to a white figure with similar hair style of Jesus from movie, but he was facing me, it was kinda odd, it wasn’t a ghost or even a person, but like a white figure of white light, it was really strange. I am also wondering if maybe it was a flashback to a forgotten memory when I was in surgery.

September Friday the 13th, 2019


There was this young woman, who was at some place where it was mainly guys living there. I remember her telling a young boy in the elevator that she has cancer, which I do not know why she would tell him.

Then I remember thinking about an old, high school female acquaintance beginning with the letter A. The woman was told that  she was overweight, but quite beautiful and I remember her being competitive.  So this one woman was going to go under cover and use a different name and offered this woman to do the same. They would both go to meet the woman with the letter A, but the second woman didn’t feel comfortable doing that, fearing that would recognize her.

I do not know why this woman wanted to go under cover, her name also began with the letter A, as well. 

September 14, 2019


I don’t remember much of this dream. I recall a young woman walking in an area of a mall. The mall does look familiar, so I think I may have had a dream of this mall before. Also I see these bicycles chained to several poles, instead of a bike rack. Maybe it’s a bike sale.

Also, “transfer” which isn’t a surprise.

September 18, 2019

Oddly this idiot & his bike was right in my way when trying to enter the building.

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