A Little Birdie Told ME

June 24, 2019



Update: A Couple of Nights ago… 

I had another dream of a gold colored door knob, but it was brighter and real gold. Then in real life, on the 5th,  went to bed and  while I was awake and saw a mist shape somewhat like a square, possible shoulders eight feet off the ground NEAR the bathroom door with the golden knob.  It shortly disappeared and I said, “What the fuck is that?” So that dream did come true.

Real Life- A little Birdie TOLD ME

This would be on June 5th, the day of my review. Reschedule for 17th. So in tha mail I received something from the bank dated June 19th saying that an ATM is closing on September 17 of this year. It also states I have been a customer for 2 years which isn’t correct by the way, it was  November 30. 2018, but anyway, it doesn’t affect my account,  something will be closing on September 17th.  I won’t be adding any more to this entry and it will be scheduled to publish on September 17, 2019 so lets see what’s up around that time.

Also, who is behind or responsible for this closure, well the signature of the letter from the bank, showed a first name beginning with the letter M, same name as my former medical doctor, the second and last name begin with the letter  A,  the name of a woman who works for the county.
Sept 17, 2019 Trying to get a hold of my accounts which isn’t normal

Another Little Birdy


I was surfing the net and found an interesting video of a group of young women staying at a haunted place for a week. One of the woman had a ghost radar app on her phone and according to this app words were announced from a supposed ghost(s) It is actually an interesting video.

Words by ghost:  become, then, central, October, opinion, 3, triangle, exercise, poor, audience, blind, Ohio.

Some of these concepts have been in past dreams from many years ago, some of the word relate to my current situation.

In real life I have to see a gynecologist  next month because I have  both a uterine polyp AND an ovarian cyst.  I have had both in my lifetime, but not at the same time. Both my  mother and grandmother had  cancer. I’m  not really worried about cancer, but I question if they will  recommend a   hysterectomy. 

August 1, 2019


UPDATE Went to gynecologist and have a uterine polyp and an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. So, I have to have surgery to remove the polyp and then if the ovarian cyst is still there, then my right ovary will have to be removed.  They will look at the left ovary to see if it’s alright and healthy.  I DON’T EVEN HAVE anyone to pick me up from the hospital after surgery.  Plus, I have a very strong feeling, VERY STRONG feeling that after September 17th, they will be closing the door for me to receive medical service at that particular hospital  and may not be able to get procedure done.  Also, something else is odd, doctor, a previous patient and myself ALL have the same birthday, DEATH comes in 3’s.

August 15, 2019


UPDATE: Second opinion, RECOMMEND HYSTERECTOMYnot right ovary, but left suspect TUMOR

August 22, 2019

On 20th heard the word, “Lie & Save”

And Another, Little Birdy

August 25, 2019

Now this is trippy, I ordered an item and received the item in the mail.  A man beginning with the letter M,  same name of my former medical doctor, which is included in the entry above.  This guy received a gift of 4-day/3-night stay in a hotel sometime in August, a very ,long,  long time ago. Anyway, he is from a city that I just visited a couple of months ago, never been there before. The hotel’s name concerned something that happened last year. The actual city of his gift, was also a city that lived close to for a short period, been there, popular place. I didn’t recognize the name of the person that notified him of his winning. Anyway, the guy must have forgot that he left this card with the item.

FOUR WORDS:-NO COINCIDENCE Same name Letter M,  Paris, Hollywood, Las Vegas


August 30, 2019

I received TWO letters of release so far, one from a low-income housing place and another for my finances DUE by September 18, 2019 which collaborates with the first Real Life-a little birdy TOLD ME. They just want access to my finances since there will be a change in the bank


April 15, 2014

There is a guy sitting at a table who looks displeased and somewhat rolling his eyes. I sit down across from him, but he doesn’t even acknowledge my presence.  Then there are some people walking around at night, some have name tags pinned to their shirts. I am applying for assistance and there is a long form, both front and back containing writing. I told some woman the truth, that I needed surgery and that I would stay somewhere temporary until it was completed. Something about 3 months and mention if I had an opportunity to go to Florida right now. I would take it. They will pay for it somewhere else. I can hear my former therapist talking in the background.

Heart Surgery

December 14, 2010

I was preparing for surgery heart surgery and for the procedure, I wasn’t for sure which side I should be lying on so kept switching back and forth. The blood wasn’t flowing properly, in and out of my heart. Then I was staying with a woman and told her that I wasn’t able to remember my dreams so she encouraged me to write dreams down. My friend and I went to a store close to where she lived and she watched my stuff while i went to go pick up some items. I was in a rush for some reason and was thinking about going to live with my aunt.

August 27, 2019

Have been watching Paranormal videos on youtube.  One of the guys had a gadget for his phone. He got the words, “release & winter” So, I found this in my blog. I don’t know if it means anything, but thought I would add it. Oh, by the way, I had to answer credit issues to get access to my medical records. Two of the questions asked about MAY or MAY NOT occurred regarding applying for a loan and a phone number in S. Dakota, both were not my doings by the way.   Neither one of these items are on my credit report. December 21, 2019-March 19, 2020

The Harassment

February 17, 2013

Last night there was a male presence by the head of my bed and to my left side. Something about $285. There was a nurse that did not like me and disagreed with my behavior and wanted me to leave hospital. I didn’t care. She left and came back and I was supposed to sign the release papers. I told this one girl at the hospital my phone number at the hotel.  Something was paid for and $85 was left. Outside my apartment, there was a man from Texas who had a large suitcase.

October 13, 2019

Yet Another Little Birdie

My aunt who is superstitious says that death in the family occurs on 13 & 23.  These two e:mails went to junk mail and I hesitantly opened the first one because it mentioned Closing, of course it was a phone scam. The second one I did not open.

i don’t know if you can handle this… next month we will be closing

please don’t show these to anyone…hope we can chat these are my recent






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