Different Rooms, Crazed Guy Chasing ME, Triangle

September 18, 2019

Different Rooms

I did wake up a couple of times, early in the morning, once at 3 something and then about 7:30 am, so do not remember all of my dreams

The dream starts off with two overweight African-American women talking to possible, a woman in the attic.  It’s almost like they are yelling or arguing with the woman and later go into the attic when she is gone.

Then a young woman is being bullied by a couple of girls, one woman has long, red hair, punk rocker, alternative, for some reason reminds me of the character Chucky, a movie have never seen. Later, she meets two guys, one is her friend, they both have dark hair and the area doesn’t look familiar to me, but reminds me of out East. She is suppose to catch the Blue line bus, but isn’t for sure which side of the street to catch bus. I guess she ended up tossing her bullies as if they were like dolls and therefore needs protection and help from her friend.

Then a young guy is organizing a small furnished room that he just moved into. He found some guys clothes in the drawers and he didn’t know was a previous guy there before him. With the clothes being found, a sheriff wants to question him about something. The guy doesn’t seem to know anything about the sheriff’s concern.

September 20, 2019

Crazed guy chasing ME

I was awakened from a nightmare. There was this crazed, homeless looking man chasing me with a hammer.  I do not know why he was chasing me, I just remember him chasing me into the kitchen. I then turn around to look at him and then awoke in the middle of the night.

I also remember telling some guy about my hysterectomy which happened in real life.

I may have the dream about the homeless guy because of a synagogue burning down close to my building.    You may have heard about it in the news since it did get global attention in social media.  A homeless guy set the fire and tried to put it out, but couldn’t, it wasn’t a hate crime.





September 20, 2019


Getting word, “deny”.  Also  a forgotten dream, I recall riding on a bus in a middle class neighborhood with mainly houses. I recall the route going up a hill then turning left, then another left, almost like a triangle.  I recall the downtown area having a head shop with several, young,  female woman working there. Then next door to them, was an abandoned, empty store, that maybe had an advertisement with a phone number on it.

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