Grandma, Meat loaf & Legs

September 21, 2019


I wouldn’t usually record this dream, but sometimes when I don’t record the dream, later, I see part of the dream manifest in real life.

Anyway, I see an old lady sitting at her desk and then I recall me showing up for a job for one day and wondering if this would cause problems with my student loan debt.

September 24, 2019


A young woman has a set of ink stamps, kinda home country style and then I see her with meat like she is preparing to make meat loaf. I guess a guy was going to pay her for something, possible watching his children, which she didn’t know he was going to pay her.

September 25, 2019


This dream was odd.  It’s like a womens’ legs were sticking out of another dimension and landing in front of me while I was sleeping, which woke me up by the way. They were not my legs in the dream, because mine are fatter.  Also in real life, I have had problems with my left leg.

Then when I fell back asleep another odd dream. There were these neighbors and one of the women was looking at another woman, who was a friend, neighbor, acquaintance, IDK. They were standing in the kitchen when one of the woman started throwing dishes on the floor to break them. She was looking into the womens’ face to piss her off.



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