Show Down, Scientist & Worse

October 6, 2019

Show Down

I woke up a couple of times but really didn’t want to get out of bed. I overdid it the other day, so just wanted to rest. Anyway, I forgot my dreams, but then when I was going shopping I remembered part of it. I also felt when I woke up that, “I want to get out of here”. I have a tendency to get itchy feet.

A young woman with short-brown hair and brown eyes is sitting in a chair at possible her therapists office, not sure, but can see her talking to someone. She seems to be mean and can tell doesn’t like someone. I am also getting the word, “Showdown”

Then the young woman with long, dyed, blond hair & her brother are possible in a trailer. They may have just moved into trailer because I don’t see any furniture.  There seems to be an investigator who has a incident report and questions the woman regarding the guy in the report.

Also, I see this young woman possible on an airplane or bus, she is sitting in the middle with some guy she knows sitting to the right of her.  Another guy starts walking up the aisles and possible gives her a bible. I just remember thinking that I read the bible as part of the Goodreads club. 

October 9, 2019


I was sitting in a classroom with an old man to the right of me, possible a scientist, he was wearing his long, white lab coat. Across from me was a young woman, who seem to be conceited.  I remember telling them that my grandmother was smart (she was smart in real life) This young woman was offered a job, so I’m not for sure why I was sitting in a classroom with them. I was anxious about bugs getting into the refrigerator. There were these green plants stored inside the frig.  I fell asleep feeling anxious and woke up feeling anxious. 

Oh by the way, the name Diana came up, I knew that name was coming up because I’ve been thinking about going on a 10 day meditation retreat & that name has come up before. Also treatment came up a couple of days ago. I don’t know what for, maybe overeating and mildly depressed.

October 10, 2019


There was a large, open room with about three twin sized beds. I have been wanting to travel and the room reminds me of hostels that I recently viewed on websites, some place would never stay. Two of the twin sized beds are pushed together and another twin bed is off by itself in the corner.  When I walk into the room there is older guy that reminds me of NV. I remember thinking this is worse there isn’t a bathroom, nor my own kitchen.  Then I went grocery shopping to get some ice cream. There are a couple caucasian, overweight women in the dream.


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