Mexican Girl & Company & More Mexicans

October 11, 2019

Mexican Girl

I was sitting on a couch in a living room with a young, Mexican girl from previous dream. It’s almost as if I’m kinda stuck there with her watching TV.  We really didn’t have much in common and I told her, “I know you don’t like me” I don’t think she responded. She mentioned how her boyfriend was playing the field. She also mentioned a slang word and told her, “I didn’t know what that meant.” Then at the last moment she sprung on me to go to my storage facility but it was 9 PM and it was closed.  There was something regarding MO, which not sure if that is initials of someone else’s name, Missouri or someone’s MO there criminal field of choice. She also had family members living in Mexico.

October 12, 2019


An older African American,  older guy was sitting in his backyard on a lawn chair.  My impression of him was he was a good guy who enjoyed other peoples company.  He may have several people visiting him, I can see a couple sleeping on a couch in his basement.

Then a young womens left side of her face is puffed up from extracting of some of her teeth, possible wisdom teeth.  Later she is sitting down with her brother at his desk.  Her brother is kinda quiet and doesn’t really talk much. There was a conversation regarding  her being pre-diabetic , she’s pre-diabetes not full blown diabetes yet and something about the number eighty-six.

Also when this young woman gets off a bus there is a crowd of African-American people walking in front of her and a woman who is on her cell phone pulls aside to continue her private conversation.

In a middle-class area of nice houses. A guy has his car parked on the side of the road of his house. He gets in his car and turns left at the stop sign and then rides around the corner. He returns to his house and therefore he has completed a SQUARE or possible a rectangular shape.

October 13, 2019

More Mexicans

This dream takes place in a predominate Mexican area and  inside buildings. This might be somewhere in the Southwest or possible a foreign country. I see this dream through the eyes of a Caucasian, young woman who maybe visiting the area temporarily, not sure.  At first, she is sitting a theatre that is being used for a class. She is sitting way in the back row by herself and a couple of other people are closer to the front row. Not that many people in classroom.  She may have a couple of female roommates or staying at a hostel. I can feel her trying to descend down a ladder of an upper bunk bed. The female friends are sitting on the floor and are speaking english to her. They are talking about make-up, they have a round container that is used for lip gloss, whereas the young woman has a round container used for eye shadow. She wants to practice her Spanish language skills that she has learned, but feels really insecure. Later, she is walking outside and sees a couple of guy friends of hers.



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