Writing Group, A Model & Transportation & Cousin

November 5, 2019

Writing Group

The beginning of this dream, I was walking outside and enjoying the changing color of the leaves on the trees.  Then for the first time, I attended a writers group. After the group was finished, an old guy sitting next to me, who had his works published, mention the word, “Heart” to me.

I do have references to the word, “Heart” in this blog. One is regarding my congenital heart condition and another referring to a, “famous singer,” Anyway, the old man brought an old threadbare suitcase with him to the class. I’m assuming it was his writing works or an old typewriter that he used.  I can see pop cans stored in a fridge and approached a woman to pay for my pop. She mentioned about some places she wanted to travel, I think she mentioned Canada and Puerto Rico.

November 6, 2019

A Model

There is this young, short, brown hair woman who got a side job as a model and went on a photo shoot. I can see her dressed up in a black alphit. She then is at her office job with several people dressed up professionally.  I guess a female co-worker helped her get the modeling job, which offends the woman, she doesn’t think she can make it as a model. She sees the female co-worker befriending a new, young, female employee, which upsets her and makes her jealous. I also sense her thinking, “This is all You Think I Can Do” Her personality is somewhat aggressive and she willing to take anyone on in a confrontation. I’m thinking this may take place in New York or Boston.  Also, right across the street is a coffee place that looks familiar in dream, but don’t think I have even been there in real life.

November 7, 2019


I had two separate dreams. Both dreams were about two different modes of transportation. The first dream I was the only person on a shuttle bus and a male driver was driving me all over the place.

I went back to bed… again, another mode of transportation, this time on a public bus. I may have been to this area in a previous dream, but not in real life. I’m in a wooden building on a lake front, it kinda reminds me of Port Townsend, WA. While inside the building, I can see an open door so exit door and see a body of water. Then for some reason, I’m hanging onto a tree branch with my left hand and taking pictures on phone with my right hand. I’m kinda dangling there like a monkey. The waves of the water appear rough, as if an upcoming storm is on its way. Then I stop dangling from a tree and a woman appears to the right of me.

November 8, 2019


Last night I chatted with my cousin about a new medical diagnosis . When I fell asleep my cousin was standing in front of me. I don’t remember the conversation. Then I recall seeing her in a large, waiting room, it looks like Penn Station in New York.

The dreamed changed and was at a hospital waiting room when I turned around to see someone being rushed inside on a gurney. This person was assisted by a handful of medical professionals. I remember thinking that someone died.

Then I recall finding a lump on possible my vulvar area, which happened in real life, but it went away. My aunt, her daughter(my cousin in dream)& myself were all diagnosed with  a form of cancer within a couple of months time. We all had surgery. Also, many years ago my Mom( Deceased COPD) had vulvar cancer and being the only girl in the family, I was the one responsible for changing her dressings. 


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