Spending Time with Mom, GREECE & Strange Occurrence

November 27, 2019

Spending Time with Mom

There was a young women who had a really nice apartment. Her Mom came over to stay for a day or so. I can see her sitting on the couch. The woman wanted to spend time with her Mom, but her Mom couldn’t bring her Rottweiler dog into her apartment. SO, when the young woman addend an community dinner and came back home, her Mom unexpectedly left. She was disappointed and trying to call her. I guess her Mom can be hard to get a hold.


November 28, 2019


This young woman sees one of her friends, who resembles my friend in real life A.  This guy is even taller and has longer blond hair than my friend. He somehow hurt his left hand and can barely move it.  He doesn’t know how to take care of his hand and the woman was surprised that he didn’t use any ice pack to reduce the swelling. His girlfriend doesn’t want to help and may be leaving him.  Later, he seems to be sitting in a chair in the front row of some kind of class or conference. He possible has an ice pack for his left hand and he is holding a newborn baby with dark hair with the other hand.

Then this young woman is at a fancy restaurant where people mingle. A foreign women who speaks several languages initiates a conversation with the woman by offering her a chocolate from her box of chocolates. The woman mentions that she speaks Spanish. The foreign woman is smiling and likes to socialize.

Later, the woman asks a guy for a piece of paper so she can write her dreams down. She has small denominationals in an envelope. So, she takes out a five and a ten and still has a couple ones in the envelope. This guy doesn’t know about the envelope. This is different from a previous dream, in that there are no pieces of scratch paper.

It is now night-time and she has to wait for her bus to come which doesn’t run that often. Close to the bus shelter is a Mcdonald’s to get a bite to eat. There are several, young African-Men in the restaurant goofing around and having fun.  After ordering her food she keeps peaking outside the window to see if the bus is coming so she doesn’t miss it. It almost feels like she will be traveling a long distance to get to her destination. In the dream, I can visually see the woman standing on a hill overlooking a city.  The view kinda reminds me of California, but not sure.

At the end of the dream, I see a photo possible in a magazine, but most of the buildings are white, which reminds me of Greece, even though I have never been to Greece, but recognize the photo. The photo is of Greece during the day.  However this photo doesn’t have any water.


November 30, 2019

Strange Occurrence

THIS IS NOT A DREAM.  I had a strange occurrence happen to me while I was shopping on Black Friday.  Some guy had some children and they went elsewhere in the store. So, this guy comes by me and just mentions a name, who I assume he was just trying to make conversation or/and was his daughters name.  I thought to myself why would some stranger just tell me a name like that? And that’s it? Oddly enough, it was the same name of someone that have been thinking of as a child. You know how sometimes you will thinking about someone and then they call in a couple of days, it was kinda like that.

November 30, 2019

Also I keep thinking I don’t want to go there.





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