New York, Office Meeting & Grass

Friday the 13th, 2019

New York

Had several dreams, but cannot remember all of them. One woman is in a busy city with all kinds of people around, possible New York.  She explains to a woman a slightly diagonal path to get to a small tourist store.

Then she is at her job with several people around and she is trying to do something real quick, something with a couple of photos.  There is a lot of extension cords around. She might be  a graphic designer.

December 14, 2019

Office Meeting

Several professionally dressed men and women seem to be sitting at a round table for an office meeting. I can see one guy walking around in the meeting.  At one point in time, the group seems to branch off so just woman are sitting around at the table. This may occur next year sometime because it seems to be warmer weather, I don’t see any coats at all.

December 15, 2019


This is odd, but this women had a banded together, long strips of paper, kinda like the sheets of paper you can buy at a craft store. But the paper was cut into an inch of a design of grass.


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