Documents, Metaphoric Thread & Motel

December 16, 2019


A woman had several suitcases and she tried to get information from her younger, “anointed” brother regarding some documents that were in her suitcase.  The documents had been moved into a large, blue, rectangular storage bin in a closet in possible someone’s home.

December 17, 2019 4:28 PM HISSING St. Louis

December 18, 2019

Metaphoric Thread

I awoke at 5:15 AM and remember having a dream about the minister, Joyce Meyer.  Joyce was surrounded by a handful of female staff that each had a particular role in helping out people in need. One of the woman would try to repair situations by metaphorically using thread to mend situations. She seemed to practice this method with most people she encountered.

December 20, 2019


A young woman with brown hair in a pony-tail is in an office room by herself. I can see her from the back view only and she is standing in front of a long, rectangular table. I find this odd but the only thing on the table is a credit/debit card reader. She swipes a very large amount on a card.

Then I appear in the dream and was attending a small play in a theater and used my card to pay for the show.  After the card approved the purchase, I then notice I was charged a whopping $3**.  I thought it was quite high for a local play and it wasn’t something on Broadway. It’s almost like being charged the wrong amount. So after words, I tracked down this young, brown-haired guy in a room pleading with him to give me back $20 in cash that he stole from me.

Later in the evening, a woman who resembles a former friend of mine and I are both waiting at the counter of a Motel.  She was at one end of the counter and I was at the other end. I thought my former friend was trying to scam me because I saw my first name and last name and no initials that were typed on a piece of paper, TWICE. My former friend must have gotten a motel voucher because I see her paying the Motel with a check. The name John is somewhere on the check.

I was alone and staying on the 11th floor of the Motel, whereas my former friend was staying with the current girlfriend. The Motel’s bathroom was pretty run down and saw a cockroach in the tub.

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