Drifting, Left Behind & Garage

December 27, 2019


I awoke up late, saying Oh My God!”because it was kinda late.

In my dream,  I was sitting on the beach when my empty Arizona Tea bottles started drifting into the water, so I went to go get them.

Last summer, I wanted to walk on the rocks near a body of water, so I put my empty pop on the sand near a rock. With the small waves hitting the rocks, my pop can started to float off into the water. So, I ended up taking off my socks and shoes to go get the empty can and was successful.

So then I ran into an old friend, who has been appearing in my recent dreams, beginning with the letter J.  I wanted to show her my new apartment and we walked up several stairwells and through a couple office space areas, which upset a couple of people in the office. My friend in real life is a lesbian and she told me that she had a new girlfriend names LEE, which happens to be her middle name, as well as a relative of mines.

The last place I lived was a SHIT HOLE.   When the new management took over they company had to inspect all the apartments. About five people showed up in their cars, from a distance, one of them physically resembled my old friend.

My arms have been feeling weak and in another dream, I couldn’t lift my arms.

Also, a vision of someone hanging up one of those old fashion, rotary phones that are connected to the wall.  PRESSURE

December 28, 2019

Left Behind

A young woman was travelling alone by a bus.  I can see her walking around in a convenient store and may have been left behind by the driver.  She thought she had most of belongings with her, but didn’t.

An older, Caucasian woman agreed to help her get to her destination, but the young woman was determined to be dropped off along the bus route, so that she could finish her trip.

December 29, 2019


I awoke earlier to a noise of someone breathing heavy and thought someone was in my living room. I got up and checked my front door and my chain lock wasn’t on, but it still was locked.

I fell back asleep… had a dream about a young woman storing all her belongings in her friends garage. Her friend is super positive and energetic. I had the song in my mind by Rihanna, possible due to a blog that previously read?

This has already posted but I think it’s important to note that on December 30th, I received a letter in the mail, with someone with my REAL first name, not BLUE GIRL. Growing up, I met just a handful of people with the same name as mine.



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