*Stromboli’s & Cookies, Hanging By A Cord & Apartment*

December 25, 2010

Stromboli’s & Cookies

I ran into my friend on the bus and he wasn’t doing too well. I asked him if he wanted to go to a restaurant and he didn’t seem too interested. Then I was working at a restaurant and a family relative stopped by to visit me. There was this woman there with long, reddish hair and my relative and her left the restaurant to go discuss her spiritual abilities, which they didn’t feel it was appropriate to discuss at my work.  Then my relative left and this woman was helping me prepare the Stromboli’s at the deli counter.  Then the manager was cross-training me work in other areas, so I began to help with making the cookies

December 29, 2010

Hanging By A Cord

I was afraid because I was hanging onto these really long bungee cords off a bridge. As I was dangling, I saw Mount Rainier. Some of the cords were cloth, and these cords were cut shot for safety reasons.

December 30, 2010


My friends lied to me when we were discussing housing issues. Then I was at my brothers house, and I mentioned, “souls”, I had my own place and my brother mentioned something about limited financial resources. The office wasn’t too concerned about the date that I signed the lease. I did not want the landlord to know my financial issues.



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