Taos- Hit the Road

October 21, 2019

I have always wanted to blog my travelling experiences and since my dreams are less frequent, I will be adding my travel experiences.

I consider myself to be a free spirit and in my late 20’s and 30’s I began to travel more and sometimes would show up at  a city without much planning. I saw it more as an adventure back then.  One could rent an affordable motel by the week or monthly.  Nowadays, I prefer a somewhat guided plan to explore cities.

Concerning my travel experiences, my friends and aunt have both said the same thing,” I don’t know how you do it ?”  Well for starters I usually pick a no frills hotel in exchange for a luxurious hotel with a handful of amenities.  For the most part, I get up early every morning and go explore my surroundings so as long as the hotel room is clean and working properly than I’m a happy camper.  Also, I learned of a relative who had “the spirit of adventure” so it’s in my blood. When travelling, I really need to be full of energy, bold, fearless and have faith that God will keep me safe during my journey.

I usually start planning my adventures at least a month in advance. I like to mix up sources of travel transportation. I always check the low-fare calendar of airlines and other forms of transportation such as trains and buses.  Back in the day,  one could score a 7 day in advance for $79-$99.  Nowadays, sometimes with longer bus trips, it can be more affordable to just fly and with shorter trips the train can be more affordable as well.

My favorite places t travel is the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest. The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful areas that I have ever seen. I love the water, the mountains, the outdoorsy vibe and fairly favorable weather. I also love the Southwest with the desert and warm weather.

I have not been to New Mexico in quite a long time, I have been to several parts of New Mexico and have decided that my next destination will be Taos, NM, with a stop over in Santa Fe, NM.  Santa Fe is known for its art community and museums, such as the Georgia O’ Keeffe Musuem. Taos is one of the most expensive cities to live in New Mexico and have made reservations months in advance to get an affordable price.

Arriving at the Albuquerque airport provides two sources for transportation to downtown Albuquerque, first is the FREE airport shuttle that has limited service in the morning and more frequencies in the evenings. There also a local city bus that can bring one to downtown as well. The airport shuttle ONLY runs during the weekday, however the local city bus includes Saturdays & not Sundays.

TRANSFERRING TO Santa Fe or/and Taos:

After arriving in downtown Albuquerque, the Rail Runner Express will arrive shortly bringing one to Santa Fe. After arriving in Santa Fe there are Taos shuttle buses that run all week, twice a day, however, there is a different shuttle for the weekends and different schedules. I am opting to stay a couple of days in Santa Fe partially to see my grandfathers gravesite, he was a marine.

The Greyhound no longer runs in Santa Fe so on the weekends in order to return to Albuquerque, there is the Sandia Shuttle that can bring one to hotels in Albuquerque or the airport.

Well this is all I have for now and this adventure will continue so look for more travelling blogging in the near future.

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