Public Place, UGLY & House Party

January 23, 2020

Public Place

I was sitting in a chair in a public area, possible at the mall in the food court area. I saw a young woman with short brown hair going up and down the escalator for fun and since she wasn’t a little kid playing around, I thought something was mentally wrong with her.  Also, now I’m remembering of a female sleeping in a very cold ice house or shack.  I just remember it being really cold.

January 24, 2020


I awoke with a slight fever. I had such an odd dream, one of my brothers handed me his baby, but the baby had an UGLY man’s face, possible latin America. I remember thinking, he doesn’t even look like you. Then I was with my oldest cousin and she wanted me to use a pay phone to call someone for her, a woman named Samantha. When I asked for Samantha, she put me on hold.  Then I remember a former friend that was at his place and intoxicated. In real life my former friend doesn’t drink, one of my brothers doesn’t have a baby and my oldest cousin lives in a different state and not sure why I would be using a pay phone.

A couple of days ago, I saw the same UGLY man’s face on a news video. He had a very big nose.

January 26, 2020

House Party

Someone gave my Mom (deceased) a job, she looked younger in the dream.  Since my Mom doesn’t drive, a woman who lived closed by would pick her up and they would go to work together.

Then I was at a house party with entire house full of mainly gay men and a straight couple from Vegas.  I wasn’t really partying with other people, I was just there. I wanted to use a community bathroom but it was full of people hanging out there as well. After being able to use the bathroom, I found out that people were having sex in there, which really grossed me out and wanted to leave after words.   Later that night while walking outside, a young gay man had some kind of blanket wrapped around him and then he flashed some straight guy that was also walking down the street.  I’m wondering if this is Mardi Gras because of the timing, Mardi Gras is February 25th this year.

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