Boxes, Boy & Vacuuming

February 10, 2020


This young woman is staying at a place for young women. She has a HUGE box in a carpeted room of a friend or an acquaintance house.  It has most of her personal items packed into this box.


February 11, 2020


I have been up all night and enjoyed watching the movie Jurassic Park. While I was lying in bed, I heard a young boys’ voice who seemed to be right in front of me.  He tried talking to me in a foreign language so could not understand him. The language didn’t sound Spanish or French at all.  There is a lot of people from Somali in this state, although it’s more populated in larger cities. Maybe it was a Somali language, not sure.

Fell back asleep…then I had a dream of a young, Caucasian woman trying to talk to me in a foreign language.

February 12, 2020


All I can remember of dream is that an Asian woman is vacuuming her messy living room floor.  Then two women are standing in a warehouse store with the lights out.  The store is closed, obviously.  They may or may not work for the store. But it’s odd that they both are just standing there in the dark.


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