KEYS, Southeastern Direction & DARK

March 1, 2020


A woman had ALL these keys, almost like a maintenance man would carry around with him. The keys were possible for a school that was built in the early 19th century.  After school, there are several pre-teens hanging out in some of the rooms, like maybe waiting for their friends to get done with a sport class. For whatever reason, several male officials are around in this dream, possible military men.

Then the woman goes to visit an old woman with white hair, possible the owner of the school building. It appears that she may be sleeping in a hospital bed. This part of the dream is strange, but the woman is ruffling around the pillow by the woman’s head.  It’s almost like she hides a couple of keys in the pillow.  The pillow reminds me of sand.

March 2, 2020

Southeastern Direction

I am recalling a dream from a long time ago. I was going to a Southern direction and ended up at a small, convenient store. From there, I was planning to go into a Southeastern direction to visit an old friend of mine beginning with the letter J. 

I am remembering more as I write this dream.  My old friend and I are now living in the same town. We don’t visit each much but still keep in contact. When I go to her house, she is quiet and not knowing what to say.

I did have a friend a long time ago who lived in an upper part of a house and relocated to warmer climate, close to twenty years ago, beginning with the letter J. 

March 3, 2020


All I remember about this dream was there were several guys hanging out somewhere, not sure, but it was a public area where people were sitting down. They walked past an African-American security guard to the left of them.  I just remember sensing they were DARK individuals that looked similar, like they all had brown hair and brown eyes. One of them had a girlfriend, although I’m not for sure if she with them.

Last night, I was watching a Crime Show regarding a murder that occurred a long time ago. But I do remember hearing about the murder which occurred on November 3rd, 2010. Later that month, I even had a strange dream regarding three people.

Missed Dream of 2010

I went through my journal and found entries that have not been documented.

November 11, 2010

Going back to ten years ago. This person had a conversation with someone in an e:mail, a name starting with the letter K. Their was a military personnel hidden in the bushes so no movement was detected from him. Someone questioned, “Did you hear what happened to those three people?


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