Celebrating the BIG 5-0 with Friends!

March 6th, 2020

Celebrating the BIG 5-0 with Friends!

I usually book accommodations in hostels or cheap hotels, but this year, since I will be turning the BIG 5-0 , I decided to splurge a little on a nice hotel that had all the accommodations that I wanted,  a river view,  frig, restaurant/cafe, downtown area and my favorite, a pool.

I will be spending the day with a long, time friend and his girlfriend

Purple People Eater (ME)

So, I arrive at my friends place and we take a train to downtown.



Friends at Hotel-by the way, I made their tye-dye shirts!

So, we all wanted to go swimming in the pool first. It was a good size pool that we had all to ourselves ! So we all chatted and swam a little bit.  The hotel had provided swimming towels and even a shower connected to the pool. My friend then told me that he had a dream of us being in a pool!

Then everyone was kinda hungry and we decided on pizza, even though I was curious about the restaurants close by, which mainly seemed to be Irish Pubs, an Italian restaurant, a sub shop and pizza

Restaurants Nearby


The Hotel had really cool artwork, these were one of my favorites


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