The Spa, Crying & The END & Housing Options

March 21, 2020

The Spa

There are two, very strong women in this dream.  Then a young, short-haired, blond woman goes to a spa for possible for a massage. As the woman is preparing for her massage she is topless and holds her arms really close towards her chest. I see an Asian woman greet her for her service.   Then while in a whirlpool, I see someone approach her, possible a friend.  I think the Asian woman might be from Korea because I see her young daughter in dream, she has, dark-black, long-hair.  Later, the young woman is walking on the beach of an ocean.  I can sense her calming reaction to the water.  Her reaction reminds me of the time I went to Lake Tahoe for my birthday many years ago. I hadn’t been to any body of water in six months and it was very soothing and somewhat spiritual for me.

On March 24, 2020, a conversation with one of my cousins, her son has a new girlfriend with short, blond-hair, like in my dream.  Also, when I had lived in the Pacific Northwest, I had several dreams of a short, haired, blond woman.

Lake Tahoe 2016


March 24, 2020


I took a nap…  A young woman is placing pegs in the four corners of the wall tapestry that she is putting on her wall.  The young woman feels alone and starts to cry.  She does seem to have support from various people in this dream. Oddly enough many years ago, I had dreams of the shape of a square.

March 25, 2020


I’m so tired from waking up and not remembering my dream. Last night, there was some guy cuddling with me prior to falling asleep.  I just remember sensing all these people in my dream, but don’t know who they were.

My dreams started ten years ago and there have been several times in which I thought it was the end of blogging because of less dreams. I’m feeling that again, plus my friend sent me a video of a musician playing with others, towards the end of his life,  plus someone mentioned a former psychics predictions of the world for telling a virus or whatever in the end days.  Also, earlier I wanted to attend a concert this summer, but that has been cancelled even before the coronavirus. THE END-what does it all mean.

March 26, 2020

Housing Options

I did have a dream last night and the theme seems to be places to live for students who are living mainly on a campus.  A student who is staying with another woman is shown a very small, furnished room that is close to the campus kitchen. She looks through a window and sees part of the campus. The woman gets along with the student and really doesn’t want to move just yet.  For some reason in my dream, I am thinking of a friend that I met while receiving  intensive adolescent treatment in the late 1980’s.

Then some guy who had an apartment was planning to live in a tent as well. He would be charged for living in the tent which was unfair.  Like he was being overcharged.

Then these two African-American woman set up this young women.  They offered her to purchase a purse which the price was affordable, however, the woman suspected the purse was stolen because of the price.  I can see her going to an ATM to get money out and she sees a police officer standing outside some store. I’m not for sure if she actually got the purse from the women or not.

Then my youngest brother is driving his car and is moving to Pennsylvania and I’m moving to Long Beach, California. My brother, nor myself, have been to either one of these destinations. My family does have some ancestry connections tied to Pennsylvania, but no one in my immediate family has been there.



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