Meet Up, The Kid & MAD AS HELL

March 28, 2020

Meet Up

Another woman or me was travelling somewhere with a couple people. One person was an overweight, older woman, with medium length, dark-hair and a scrawny white guy.  The woman looked similar to the famous singer, but she had more weight on her. The woman or me, was kinda joking around with the woman.  Then to the right of the car, we passed a dark, brown, wooden structure, possible a piece in a playground or even tree houses. I turned my head around to talk to the scrawny guy in the backseat.

Later, I met an Italian guy in some restaurant/bar during the day. Not many people were in the pub, and we were sitting at a wooden table set close to a small stage in front of us. He mentioned how some of the hotels are slightly higher at this time. All the people in this dream, were new people, not in previous dreams.

March 30, 2020

The Kid

This kid brought his new girlfriend to a secluded area, where he had hidden other people’s stolen letters hidden underneath a patch of dirt. Later, the girlfriend was in the back seat of a van with a couple of friends. The driver seemed to be an adult.

March 31, 2020

Cousin in Texas

I awoke up in my bedroom, yet still in the dream world. I was in a long, rectangular shaped room, like a trailer, but wasn’t. It reminded me of the living room that my family lived as a teenager.  I saw a tall, paper-thin Asian man leaving the sliding, glass door and then running away.

Then I remember trying to get to one of my cousins house, one that I have not seen since I was a child. My Mom and youngest brother were with me in the dream, and they were younger.   I waited to get money out of an ATM, so tried to get $ out once travelling. For some reason the ATM wasn’t working, so I had to fill out a form. At first I was going to get $100 out, then changed it to $50. I guess I was going to help chip in and give my cousin some $ for something, maybe to pitch in for dinner.

Then I was alone and at this elementary school and a pile of people’s shoes were in the center of the room. (Like in my Tao Chi & Gi Gong class) I noticed one of my shoes was missing and one of the children took it, possible as a joke. I just remember being MAD AS HELL in the dream. I needed my shoes to continue walking to my cousins house, and by this time it was night time.  I don’t know if I ever got the shoe back, but I must have had another pair because I was walking to find my cousins house and had both shoes. I remember looking at street signs beginning with the letter A, Atticus ? I don’t know if I every made it to my cousins house or not.  Now I wonder if I was MAD AS HELL regarding the missing shoe or MAD AS HELL about something else.

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