The Number 18, Subway System & Pieces

April 5, 2020

The Number 18

I had a good dream! There was this woman that have not met yet, but she was a friend to me. Then I recall having a long, conversation with my aunt on the 18th.  I remember saying to myself, if my aunt is deceased (February 18th, 2020) Then who was I talking to on the phone?  Then I had another long conversation with a former friend and we lived close to each other.

I still have dreams of my deceased mother and now my aunt. So there is something about the 18 that may arise this month.

April 6, 2020

Took a nap…………………………………………………………………………………

Subway System

I have had a dream of this place before, but have not been there in real life.  I’m searching for a northern part of the state. Oddly enough, I couldn’t remember the city that lived, Central.  Once I got to the border there was an option to use the subway system to travel in a Northeastern direction.

This dream reminds me of two different dreams combined.  One dream, an Asian student crossed the border of her original country and another dream of wanting to go in a Northern Direction, like two options, Vancouver or Alaska. However, these dreams took place in different residencies. The dream above doesn’t feel like my current state. 

April 7, 2020


In this dream, I recall walking into a large, open room where several women were dressed professionally.   Then my glasses fell onto the floor and the right lens broke. I thought perhaps I could find an affordable pair of glasses online. In real life, last weekend, I didn’t turn on the overhead light for my kitchen. I tried opening a can of jar for dinner, when somehow the jar slipped out of my hands and fell to the floor shattering into pieces.

Later, I was talking on the phone and telling some guy personal information, which question why this was happening.  I told the guy all of my brothers name and then wondered why I was telling this guy. I wouldn’t tell someone their names, unless they were friends, so question if it was someone else in dream.

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