Hollywood Boulevard, Band-Aid & On the Edge

April 9, 2020

Hollywood Boulevard

I was up all night and finally fell asleep this afternoon I had a dream…

There was this slightly overweight, kinda punkish girl that was in the process of moving or travelling. I can see her in her apartment with a bunch of items on the front room floor as if she was going to pack them.  She had a little anxiety about touching the surface of her stuff because of the coronavirus. Later, I can see her walking across a bridge with a fairly large suitcase. The bridge kinda reminds me of the area on Hollywood Boulevard.  

April 10, 2020


Waking up from a long-nap.  I had a dream about my brother and myself.  He was on his desktop computer.  We were planning a trip together to possible Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget Hotel.

I’ve always tried to get my brother to splurge on a nice vacation for himself.  Our personalities are quite different from each other, I’m more of a Free Spirt, Adventurous type, while he is a middle of the road, home body.

April 11, 2020

On the Edge

Prior to this dream, my high school friend mentioned to me about celebrating our 50th birthday’s together. Mine was earlier this year and hers will be in the summer. Although, her plans might be cancelled due to the coronavirus.

The dream starts out with my high school friend, her husband and me travelling around in there car. At the end of the day, my high school friend was tired and we were deciding about whether to crash at a hotel for a night. They both previously stayed at the hotel before. My friend & her husband left me there at the hotel as they went to go pick up some beer. They were gone for about an hour.

On April 12, 2020 I called a friend of mine and his girlfriend answered the phone. She wanted me to call them back in an hour. I guess they were busy.

While they were gone, an old lady and old man appeared in the dream, although, not together. The old lady thought that because she had a physical ailment that we all could get the hotel room for FREE.  Then the old man, who didn’t even know me, accused me of being a “stone cold killer”  I wonder why he said that to me. That is the farthest from the truth.

So when my friend & her hubby returned we decided upon a room that was adjacent to the original room we were thinking about staying, both had jacuzzi’s. The room was suppose to be FREE with points, however for some reason my friend paid for it, I mentioned it was kinda expensive, $179.  My friend accused me of trying to get the room for FREE, but I told her that I witness the old woman trying to do this. I remember being at the counter and telling the woman who worked there that the room was for my birthday. I wanted to thank my friend, but didn’t mention it to her.

There were a lot of people hanging out in this dream. There were some twenty and thirty somethings partying in one room with a jacuzzi as well.  Once we got into the hotel room, I pulled the shades down so I couldn’t see the old lady talking to me. It seemed like most people were on edge in this dream, which really are not are true personalities in real life. Because of this, I’m wondering if this takes place in a different state where people are more direct and speak their minds.


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