Needles, Chicago & Several Dreams

April 12, 2020


First off something odd happened last night while surfing the net.  My aunt passed away in February and I saw both my Moms name listed, then my aunt’s name underneath hers. There last names were different of course. But what are the odds of seeing that? 

So for the dream, there were a handful of needles on the floor of an elevator (By the way, I hate needles) Then I saw a guys, large sneaker,  with a bunch of needles sticking out of the toe part of the shoe.  Later, him and his buddy are driving around in the downtown area of the city. I have dreamed of this area before, but have never been there.

Then I saw a small library on the corner of a street.  I’m almost positive it was the same library that I used to go to when I lived in the Pacific Northwest. I didn’t go inside, I just recall seeing it in the dream.

Also, this is somewhat odd too! but I had a dream of talking to some guy on the phone. I kept telling him over and over, “F*ck you” It was almost like a game in which I could not hang up on this person, so I just kept saying “F*ck you” to him. I don’t know why though.

April 14, 2020


I awoke up in the middle of the night with my lower abdomen bothering me. As far as the dream, all I remember is being in Chicago and saying why I liked it there.   I remember that I was with someone telling them, yeah, the gangs, but I liked it there? Then I smiled. In real life, I have always avoided Chicago, however within the last few years I visited the city. My family has some history in Chicago.

April 16, 2020

Several Dreams

Oh Wow, I awoke at 4:17 AM. What a strange dream.  For some reason, I’m thinking of the cartoon, “The Jetsons” There are cylinder like buildings that house  ALL these elderly couples looking outside there windows. They kinda look confused or look outside to watch something happening. Maybe it’s a place they are being quarantine ?

Then parts of this dream are unclear, there was this young woman who just started working and was being trained and someone had her do something illegal. At the time , she didn’t know it was illegal.  I guess she was getting FREE meals for being there.  She has boxes stored in a storage facility about an hour away.

Then a co-worker goes on a weekend trip to some glitzy and exciting place. Part of the trip she is possible in a private helicopter because I see her going up and down, almost like a roller coaster ride.

Then I am high up and see a strange, looking desert, which looks similar to my “OMG!” dream a year or so ago.  It real life, I’ve been contemplating about taking a trip to see Death Valley National Park. I have been wanting to go there for years now, I tried giving one of my neighbors $$ to go there, but she really didn’t want to do it.  This desert like scenery could also be a different country, although, not sure which one. 

I took two naps… first nap, I had dreams but when awoke couldn’t remember, then the second nap..I did remember parts of it anyway

This young woman was in this small,  possible writing class with other women. She might have missed a class because she is not sure of the assignment. Other women in the class have all written short paragraph’s and she wasn’t too thrilled to write hers.  It almost feels like she walks right out of class?

Later, she is possible at a casino, two guys have spotted her with her bag and are trying to steal the contents, possible medication.  She tells security and the guys leave the casino or building. The security guy questions if the woman will be alright and she assured him she would be.

Then she is waiting outside for public transportation with her Mom.  She usually takes public transportation the entire trip, but this time, it looks like she will be taking a taxi, part of the way.

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