Rescue & Missing Athletic Shoe

May 17, 2020


I don’t remember much of this dream.  A young woman is at her job and not wearing a mask. So when she interacts with children and co-workers she has concerns regarding the coronavirus.

Later she is with her Mom, who has brown, poofy hair like my real Mom (deceased) They are in an area with several restaurants and cannot decide upon which restaurant to eat. After they leave, the Mom sees a small patch of smoke rising in the distance, like at someone’s house or factory.  She doesn’t see any fire at all.

Then this part of the dream is odd, but a couple of people who are swimming in water with their life jackets on and seem to being rescued. They are trying to swim to a boat or dock.

This is such a beautiful song that have never heard of prior today.


May 18, 2020

Missing Athletic Shoe

This one woman, possible me, was moving her boxed items into some guys garage. She can only see one of her bike shoes on the garage floor. She thought she misplaced the shoe and will look for it in the morning.  Later, she found out a Mexican woman was just holding the shoe for her, which really didn’t make much sense in dream. The Mexican woman thought she grew up in her birth state, but the woman told her that she grew up in the Midwest.

Then the male owner of the house was somewhat discriminating towards the woman or me, based on her age.  He seems kinda small minded.  The woman or me was offended by this because the owner didn’t know the woman, or me at all.  Later, the woman or me saw two, young adventurous guys shooting out of a water slide, but didn’t participate herself.

She seemed to be sleeping on the garage floor with some other homeless guy, who mentioned he had a cough. So she moved her sleeping bag to another part of the garage fearing the coronavirus. The guy thought it was just a cold and wasn’t hacking.

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