Vacation, Lumber Jack & Group of Friends

June 3, 2020


A family is possible vacationing at possible a resort.  Several children are hanging out together and for some reason, there seems to be a monkey by the pool area.

Later, some tweens and teenager boys are climbing on these rocks in a body of water.  When they return to the resort, part of the cement is being torned up. It looks more like an apartment complex than a resort.

June 4, 2020

Lumber Jack

Several physically fit men, who possible work in physical demanding jobs are all congregating in a community room and watching TV.  For some reason, I am thinking of lumber jacks, however none of them are wearing plaid shirts, maybe they work with wood though. It also reminds me of the kinda men that would work on boats, like in Alaska for a season.

Later, they all are travelling on this motor home and a young woman has joined them.  An older woman seems to be correcting the younger woman regarding her cleaning habits. So the younger woman goes and cleans the items underneath her bed in her room.  Then I see one of the men with a WAD OF CASH.

June 9, 2020

Group of Friends

I tried remembering this dream as much as possible, I kept waking up and falling back asleep and when I do that I have a tendency to forget part of my dreams.

There are several caucasian women in this dream, that have not been in prior dreams. It seems to be a close -knit friends mainly in their twenties and early thirties. I think they maybe partying because one of the woman seems to be too plastered to stay awake for photos. She is closing her eyes and falling asleep. Earlier, the same woman was hooking up with another woman. They don’t really seem too emotionally attached to each other, more physical.

Later, a group of caucasian men and one big, African-American man are all sitting around a kitchen table, maybe playing cards or soemthing. The African-American man mentions that he wants to go to, “Seattle”. I guess most of the guys are petty crooks, but not really bad people.

I also recall a picture of the Joshua Tree’s, some place that I have never seen, but have always wanted to visit.

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