June 21st, 2020


Last year in the winter of 2019 I took an extended trip to Boston. I have always wanted to visit Boston since my early twenties.  The trip was exploring new territory, the EAST, which at the time of the trip, I had only been to New York, and that was many years ago.

An airline started to offer cheap flights to Boston from a local airport in the Midwest.  The flight was FREE by earning points and  had to pay the security fee.  So I ended staying an extended weekend at a hostel.  It was a short walk from the South Station in ChinaTown.  I usually opt for the 4 or 6 bed option when staying at hostels.  The room was clean, had a storage locker and several bathroom/showers near my room.  I just rested and relaxed for the rest of the night.


The next day it was sprinkling a little bit and was looking forward to the Freedom Trail Tour 

Boston Commons , The Old State HouseGranary Burying Ground









I was surprised by the narrow, cobblestone streets and tall buildings, the architecture was a lot different than my other travelling experiences.

So, the next day with a certain bank and certain dates the Museum of Fine Arts entrance fee was FREE

On the last day, I took a Historic Boat Tour

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