Earlier this year, I was planning to volunteer at a Christian organization in the Appalachian Mountains. That trip was cancelled due to the coronavirus.   I was eligible to get another ticket for a different day and within a year of the original purchase date.  One time, I had a layover in Chicago while I was waiting for a train to the Southwest area. I decided to explore more of Chicago and will be spending an extended weekend there possible in the Fall.  I will be staying in one of the MOST haunted hotels in Chicago.

Part of the trip is FREE, the reissuance of the bus ticket will be paying for part of the way to Chicago and I have accumulated enough points to take the train back home.  In order to accumulate points to travel FREE to Chicago, I took two one way tickets from Chicago to Southwestern parts of the United States.

Here are some photos of the layover in Chicago from many years ago.


Amtrak Station


The Native American lost in Chicago…Dreamin…by Ella & Pitr


Downtown Chicago


Chicago Harbor LightHouse, Chicago, IL


Buckingham Fountain Chicago, IL



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