Video Cameras & Downtown Adventures

June 30, 2020

Video Cameras

A woman is checking in at a hotel and is standing at the counter. An Asian woman hands her a card to get inside her hotel. The card isn’t white, but a darker color.

Then the dream switches to two rows of apartment complexes that have patios on floor level apartments.  I  peel back my curtains to see a woman across from me video taping the outside area from her apartment window. To the right of me on the patio is another video camera equipment with tri -pods.

Fell back asleep…there are several guys that were staying at a very, nice, upscale, beautifully architectured building. There are several of people around in the building, it reminds me of a foreign country. I’m thinking of Gatsby for some reason.

Then one of my twin cousins and I are eating a five course meal at a fancy, smancy restaurant, possible in a upscale restaurant or hotel. I was having a hard time staying awake and don’t remember ordering food so my cousin must have ordered for both of us. So when I awoke there was food on the table. My older brother also is somewhere in dream as well.

July 1, 2020

Downtown Adventure’s

A woman and younger guy have a junky, entertainment center that is in the middle of the front room. It looks like something they dug out of the garbage.  Her male manager, who is sitting at his desk gives the woman a check or bill for $2xx.  Then she is outside checking her mailbox when she realizes she opened up someone else’s bill without realizing it. Later, she is talking to a friend, a Native American woman with black, straight, long hair that goes down to her mid back.

Fell back asleep… I had a dream of this young girl who was mingling with other fellow hostelers. Then I see three, twin size beds in one room. The young girl is sleeping in the middle bed when she wakes up from a nap. She is wearing her clothes and didn’t get under the covers. She noticed that there are two Asian women on each side of her. She is kinda surprised by the women being engaged in sexual acts.  She also has splotches of water patches on her pants, as well as stuff in her hair. Later she is walking to a McDonald’s, which is across the walkway and slightly up a hill.




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