Oldest Brother, Unbalanced & Secret

August 10, 2020

Oldest Brother

A guy who physically resembles my oldest brother with his hair feathered like he had it in the 1970’s (deceased) So he was living in a one-bedroom apartment and all he had in his room was a twin, icky mattress. I guess he would lie in bed most of the day and a woman wanted to get him outside more.


August 11, 2020


This is an odd dream. There is this young, twenty something man with brown hair and brown eyes who keeps repeating showing up at an acquaintance’s house while they are out of town. A woman who is staying at the house talks to the neighbors about it and calls some detectives, not the police.  They come to the house.  I think they are more concerned about his mental health than physically harming someone. He either physically or mentally like his father, so I take that to mean that he looks or/and mental illness runs on his father’s side of the family.



August 15, 2020


I don’t remember much about this dream. There were three young woman, who might have just gotten out of jail, it seemed like they hadn’t seen each other in a long time, they were all sexually romantic with each other. Then there was another, older Mexican guy who had some information on them, which he was trying to find.

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