Trip with Friends, Really Sick & Not For ME & Abusive Husband

August 16, 2020

Trip with Friends

A young, woman is at her grandma’s and dad’s house with two other female friends. She wants to travel somewhere with them but for some reason they seem almost stuck there or taking their time. The young, woman seems to be having a hard time trying to access a bus website, she tries different devices. Then she was thinking about booking an online flight with points and calls the airline, but for whatever reason it didn’t pan out. She tells her friends about staying at go-today or AIRBNB, not sure.

Then I remember the woman waiting at a drop in center, a woman there gave her two masks, both were white with a design, one was a lady bug, not sure of the other one. The woman thought she was in Wisconsin, but she was in Minnesota. I remember some homeless looking people showing up. I can see an old computer that she tries to access but then there is a earthquake.

August 17, 2020

Really Sick

In real life, I have been feeling kinda sick in regards to my heart, so when I fell asleep I had a dream that I was really sick and having trouble breathing, I might have been on a gurney and recall seeing a young guy with dark eyes and frizzy hair, he wasn’t wearing a mask or anything on his head, so maybe it wasn’t at a hospital, I remember thinking that I’m not going to make it to age 60.

Then the dream changed and I was at this retail store, either working there or as a customer, I saw these really cool, yellowish pants with some sort of design, something that would never wear in real life. Then I recall seeing and old high school friend that once went camping with as a teenager. She was still overweight and was with two of her friends, K.

August 18, 2020

Not For ME

There was a group of people, possible a Satanist group, not sure. They didn’t grow up going to church, they don’t know God, and some may not even believe a God exist. They were bad people doing there own thing and not caring about the consequences of there actions. One guy was hanging out in his neighborhood, by riding around on his bike.

Then this one young woman attended one of there meetings. I’m not for sure what they talked about, but the woman felt that the group wasn’t for her.  At night time, I see her exciting a chained up gate.

August 19, 2020

Abusive Husband

I was at this place that was quite busy, a lot of people around in building. I witnessed a husband being verbally abusive towards his wife and thought she was in danger. They also had two children, a boy and a girl.I had a feeling that this abusive behavior was typical between the two. The husband left somewhere,  and the wife went somewhere else, and saw her later in the evening. So all that was left in the building were the children. I called the cop and was talking to a female officer about it. She wanted to keep me on the phone, but I told her how the husband and wife left. So the cops didn’t come to the building.



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