Dressing Room & Rain Stick & Giggle Girls

August 19, 2020

Dressing Room

There was a woman who in a dressing room with doors like in a saloon. So people could see part of her upper body as she changed, but the woman didn’t know that.

Then there were a group of people in a small room, mostly, middle-aged, over-weight women. I was there and wanted to get to a certain destination and was trying to find a bus route. I was a little upset with the women because they didn’t seem to care if I got to the destination or not.

August 23, 2020

Rain Stick

I had several dreams last night, something strange, but interesting happened too! . To help me fall asleep, I bought a White Noise Machine and was listening to the RAIN STICK sound.    So when I fell asleep, I could only HEAR sounds in my dream, NO VISION.  I heard a group of several professional women, mainly African-American women talking to each other at a meeting ,  but could not remember what they were saying because there voices were overlapping. I woke up shortly after this.

I fell back asleep and BOTH my hearing and vision had returned…a group of guys were exploring these islands, some of the islands could only get there by boat. The islands look south of a main land, not sure location of island.

Then a young, female college student is in her classroom with high up table and chairs, almost like an art classroom and no one is wearing masks.

Then I recall a woman having her bagged items lined up at a bus station as she waits for a bus.

Fell asleep again…I was waiting outside at a bus shelter for the earliest bus to arrive. It was still dark outside and there was an overweight. possible Mexican or Hispanic man waiting for the bus too! He was a little upset with me because I didn’t know the exact time the bus would arrive. Then he showed me possible a map of either an island or a science museum, he showed me the areas of where the jellyfishes would be located.

Later in the evening, I am remembering more, I question if the jellyfish might actually be an x-ray or sonogram, where there are white areas(jelly fish) not sure, the jellyfish(white areas) seemed to be on two different areas, an upper and lower on the right side of a coast/body. I also see a doctor performing a surgery, I see a ball.

August 24, 2020

Giggle Girls

A guy was either sleeping in his bed OR at a bed and breakfast. He was an older, old school guy, who had his personal items scattered across the room. He liked to wear pants with a brown belt and silver buckle.

Later in the morning, these two giggle girls were walking around their house and one of the girls shows the other girl a map of something. I’m guessing the guy could have been one or both of the girls father, however, I don’t see them interacting with him.


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