Virtual Theatre, Gillian & Townhome

August 24, 2020

Virtual Theatre

My mom(deceased) and my brother and I went to a play thinking we were going to see live actors. But when we arrived at the theatre we were the only ones there and there were live actors behind the scenes, however we were watching it through an old fashion TV that was in one of the rooms.  When I went to the counter, the play was a whopping $97 and was comparing it to a cost of a play in New York.  My Mom paid for herself and I was debating on whether to pay or not, but did because it was the right thing to do. I tried to get $20 from my brother, but he wasn’t paying because he didn’t have any money, as usual. I recall the people working at the counter being able to hear everything that was said between me and my family.

For whatever reason we spent the night at the theatre because I remember waking up in the room, the next day. Also, there was this one crazed, woman working at the theatre, she was walking around saying MEAN & HATEFUL things to her co-workers and family. She meant what she said.


August 25, 2020


I had two dreams, one was on Gillian Anderson and her friend, who was sitting across from her. Gillian was supporting her friends singing career. Her friend didn’t have much faith in herself.

I fell back asleep and had a dream that spent the night at a hospital for some reason. I  was walking around with one of those hospital robes. My twin cousins from CO were on different floors and recall seeing my cousin D on the main floor.  I don’t recall seeing any test being done on me. I also remember my passport being pinned to the white bedding of the bed. I awoke the next morning, thinking, oh, I’m still here.

Also remember socializing with another female patient, she was bedridden and she asked my a favor, to get her some food at the cafeteria. I felt like she was taking advantage of me, but since I had time, I helped her anyway.

August 28, 2020


I was at a townhome that reminded me of a childhood place that I grew up.  The people who lived there were throwing a small party. I can see a woman in the dream, decorating a patio in the backyard. Like decorating the patio table and bringing some booze there too.

Also, there was an overweight Mexican guy who was standing in his kitchen, (Same guy from previous dream) and two caucasian boys were in the townhouse as well. One had a driver’s permit and was only allowed to drive on the backroads. The other boy had fine, blond hair, semi-long. I remember telling someone that even my brothers don’t know my birthday, which one in real probably doesn’t know.

As Of September 6, 2020  in my REAL life, I heard from BOTH a Gillian and Justin.

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