Hipsters Life, Killer & Oldest Niece

September 19, 2020

Hipsters Life

This dream that I’m about to tell could be out EAST possible in New York or Florida, a fast paced environment.  This young girl was hanging out at possible a church or some place that helps people.  She met an old guy there who let her use his shower, he tried to take advantage of her and so she did not return to the church.  Some people from the church returned her backpack. Then she was at some party and walking around in the kitchen  when she received an incoming video call.  She was telling  her friend about the old guy taken advantage of her.  There were  a lot of people at the house party.

Then this other woman is walking around another busy area with a lot of people when she was looking for a restroom.  Later she goes back to her female dorm room  and other roommates are there. Later, I see a high fashion woman with dark eyes and hair, possible Jewish, she is wearing a heavy, dark brown fur coat. This young woman is there too, she might be waiting for some guy to come out of his apartment.

September 22, 2020


I really didn’t feel like documenting this dream because I don’t remember much. Anyway, there was this young, blond-short haired woman that lived directly underneath this one woman in a small apartment complex. She looks similar to the woman that used to dream about while living in the Pacific Northwest.

Anyway, the woman who lived above the woman knew that the young, blond woman actually killed a bunch of people, she might of had some blood on her that this other woman witnessed. It didn’t seem to bother the blond woman that she killed people and the other woman, well she really didn’t say much about it either. I think some cops were looking for the blond, but neither one of them seemed to care.

September 24, 2020

Oldest Niece

There were two women, the younger woman was romantically interested in the older woman, but the older woman didn’t seem interested. The younger woman convinced the older woman to cuddle together at the older woman’s place. Then another woman walked in on the two women shortly after words.

Then I appeared in the dream, I was staying at possible my older brothers place, it looked like him anyway, he had two different properties that he was paying. His new home was nicer than the other one, which I have been to in real life.  I don’t remember communicating with him at all in the dream.

Then his daughter, my oldest niece who I have not seen in a long time, came to visit me at his place. This part of the dream is kinda confusing, but I think she brought up the two women getting caught cuddling OR something that another niece had said about me. Either way, I didn’t think it was my fault.

I remember starting to cry telling my niece that I know I haven’t been around (in real life been living elsewhere than home state) but that I was a good aunt to her (which I was in real life)  I started crying and told her that I would get her (and my other nieces) out of the house because her parents were constantly arguing. So in real life I would take them for a walk around one of the lakes. 

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