Pretending to Be Dead, No Dreams & To Play

October 13, 2020

Pretending to be Dead

In this dream, a woman is working at an assisted living place or nursing home and goes into a large open room.  Several elderly people are sleeping, but they might actually be dead, I’m assuming it’s the coronavirus of course, but it might be poison as well.

Then a young guy with dark hair is sitting outside on the pavement and he is leaning up against a building wall, he looks like he is sleeping, but he might be dead too?! He seems to be unconscious.

Now for some reason, a woman gets the idea to pretend that she is also dead because this woman will be coming to visit the building where she lives or works. Everyone knows she is a killer and is afraid of her.  So when the killer comes, the woman gets tired of pretending that she is dead and goes outside. SO the killer asks her why she didn’t just stay dead and she said she wanted some fresh air.

Then another young woman does what she wants to show that she isn’t afraid of the killer woman. I don’t think the original woman has too much contact with her after that,  but I see her hanging out with a guy friend of hers.

No Dreams

October 15, 2020

I wrote in my last entry that I really haven’t been having many dreams lately so am thinking it is THE END of bluegirlsdreemgournal, been documenting my dreams for OVER 10 years now.

So last night, all I can remember is being in front of an old guy with greyish white hair, JASON. I am thinking of the episode of X-Files, Season 4 , episode 19 SYNCHRONY for some reason.  I am also seeing images of Meryl Streep in dream as well.

NOVEMBER 22, 2020

So I was wondering why in the hell was dreaming about Meryl Streep, like what does she have to do about anything. So last night I got a friend request on Facebook from a guy named George “””” in Los Angeles, then find out the guy passed away, needless to say, I did not honor his friend request since it isn’t him. Anyway, George Clooney’s wife in real life Amal mentioned about how BOTH Meryl Streep &  her Ama BOTH were married to George Clooney. So I am assuming that one of Meryl Streep’s characters was married to him?

Took A Nap

To Play

This was kinda a fairly-tale like dream. It was hard for me to remember much of it. A young girl with long, wavy light brown hair was hiding in the woods, like she would go there to play by herself.  An overweight, dark-haired woman knew that she would go and play there.



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