Moving, Retail Store & Different Scenarios

October 20, 2020


A Mexican woman is moving and has most of her belongings outside, in the backyard. I think it might be her business that she is moving because of the items look like items that would sell in a store. A woman comes to visit her and sees all this stuff outside, then the next time, there is less items.  I don’t see a moving truck, but know she is moving.

Then I appear in the dream and was upset with her daughter, she screwed something up, but not for sure what, so when the move is almost done, I confront her.


October 22, 2020

Retail Store

I had several short dreams, one was of my twin cousin was moving around in her place, almost like she was preparing to move.  I can see her long, dark hair as she is doing this.

Then the dream changes and a woman has a date and meets some guy for dinner at a restaurant, I can see them sitting across from each other at a dark, brown wooden table, not many people in the restaurant. The restaurant had dim lighting. They were suppose to get together later that night, but the woman blew off his phone call.

The next day she goes to possible her job at a retail store, and where she works are a lot of glass items, people seem to be looking at her as she is walking around the store or vice versa. She slips out to one of her neighbors that she might be moving, it has something to do with my home state. I also see her outside, next to her car and going through some items in her red duffel bag on the ground.

Oh, I almost forgot I saw a former friend  in my dream J.  We have grown apart and have lost contact with each other.

October 24, 2020

Different Scenarios

I had several dreams back to back. All very different scenarios

First there was a dream where a couple of women were helping me. They were suppose to do something in March, but didn’t.  I don’t see an apartment, just them helping me.  There is more to this dream but forgot.

Second dream of a woman getting a new roommate with a foreign name, hard to pronounce, beginning with the letter M.  So the woman was waiting for her new roommate and mother to show up at her place.  Meanwhile she was getting the apartment prepared and had some organic, plant thing in some room and then there was a small water puddle in the house as well.   The new roommate and her Mom are in the kitchen together and they look alike.

Thirdly,  a woman was walking up the stairs to go to a casino.  She was happy to be there and had a smile on her face. She was sitting next to several African-American guys while playing the machines. Then something odd happened that had nothing to do with the casino and not for sure what it means. There were three garbage bins that had all kinds of papers thrown away, it looked like enlarged magazine papers.  I don’t think these papers were suppose to be thrown away, but were for some reason.  I think she was going to fly out of Vegas to go back home, wherever that is?

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