Hasta Luego, Waiting & The Liar

October 27, 2020

Hasta Luego

Now I’m trying to remember as much of this dream as possible. A woman or me is in a fairly, large hotel room and a Mexican maid is there as well .  There is stuff all over the floors so she might be living there, not sure. She is leaving for the day as the Mexican maid cleans the room. She has a homeless, skinny friend or acquaintance who is sleeping outside near the hotel.

So then she is walking around town and I see possible two , small office buildings have collapsed.  I’m not for sure what happened. I don’t think it’s rioters because the building doesn’t have spray paint nor is it burned.  The area looks a little similar, but not sure of location.  It reminds me a little bit of Vegas, but I don’t see any casinos at all.  I do think it’s an area with warmer weather in the winter time, or maybe I’m just hoping !

I wanted my high school friend to help me get my items out of storage, like take a bus to storage and come back the same day. I don’t know if she was willing to do that.  I’m debating on staying up all night or go to the city where the storage is located. I don’t seem to have plans or things lined up. I am looking for a secure internet connection to surf airline websites for flights.

October 28, 2020


A woman was in a friends apartment while she is probably at work in the evening.   I think this might be the first time she has been at her friends apartment and seems to be waiting for her to come home. The apartment building is a very tall high rise and the woman is looking outside and sees a couple of women walking around and a smaller, cream colored building. I see the word ‘Downtown” or “Downtowner” in this dream. The apartment is too high up to see any words from this distance, but those are the words in the dream. Also, there is a whole drawer of remote controls. So when her friend comes home they are both sitting on the couch really close to each other, so maybe they are lovers? The woman waiting for her seems a little upset with her for some reason.

This music video is an oldie but a goodie, from the 80’s

October 29, 2020

The Liar

I saw an image of the new heart doctor at a local hospital near me. I went to a doctors appointment with my Mom(deceased), she may have just been a Mom figure because she doesn’t look like my Mom at all.  Anyway, I was in the same room with this heart doctor and he thought that I went to San Juan, PR or something like that, which wasn’t true and he kept on lying about things regarding my Mom. In real life I did have a doctor lie right to my face. So, I thought my Mom should go to a different doctor. I recall us driving by these dirt roads and some African-American guy was around my Mom that I didn’t trust or something.  He was being overly friendly to my Mom so thought his intent might be to harm her. I also see several dirt road paths in this dream as well.


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